What to check and how to optimize product text ads – best practices

What to check in BlueWinston   1. Whether you have created all three main types of campaigns allows you to create three types of product-focused campaigns thanks to which you will ensure and cover the advertising for almost every demand in Google Search. So you can create Product campaigns, Product – Group campaigns and also

Automated scripts in BlueWinston

For better optimization of product campaigns, we recommend you to use automated scripts. It is a set of rules that increases efficiency of the campaigns. For instance, by excluding keywords that are causing high expenses. You can find all these scripts at the end of every campaign setting in BlueWinston. For the use of scripts

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Headline 3 and Description 2 in Product Ads by BlueWinston

As you have surely noticed, Google Ads has recently launched a possibility of Title 3 and Description 2 for the ads in Google Search. We have worked hard and launched these features in BlueWinston as well! We are speaking of dynamic expanded text ads. You do not have to create other types of ads anymore.

Engage with people through special characters in your DSA ads

As you surely know, DSA campaigns have both, their advantages and disadvantages, but also their specifics. The advantages of DSA show up mainly when you are having quality content on your subpage, based on which Google can decide when to display your ad – that is when Google displays DSA on the most relevant phrases.

How to get a trademark permission?

One of the most common problems is that Ads are not approved because of trademarks. Those are brand names which usually require permission for their use. You can enter particular Trademarks to Bad words in BlueWinston and all Bad words will be automatically hidden from the ads. This solution allows you to run Ads, but

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PPC campaign – big investments and no results? Optimize!

Have you been running your PPC campaign for a while now, but you cannot see any results? Have you spent much time optimizing it, but it still does not generate leads? In such case, you should pay attention! We are speaking of lead or contact generation to engage with the potential clients who become interested

CoS (Cost of Sales) – Is your ad paying off?

Behind each ad there is a businessman who wants to sell his product as profitable as possible. The profit does not, however, include only the product sales alone, but also the related expenses. One of the expenses is also advertisement that needs to be maintained. If you do not have an overview of how much

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Notifications in Blue Winston

We are having some good news for you! Maybe you have already noticed a bell icon in your BlueWinston account – these are notifications that will keep you updated about your campaigns. Notifications appear in case there a mistake or incorrect setting in any of your campaigns. After clicking the bell, you will see a boosted ROAS for by +901%

Before, our product campaigns had 23.52% CoS, now it is 7.54% CoS (Cost of Sales). %ROAS jumped from 425.12% to 1326.60% (by 901.48%) thanks to Product ads automation PPC tool for Google Search called! Cost of Sales reduced by 68% ROAS jumped by 901% About the client -

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DSA – our best practices in the past 1.5 year

As you know, in Google Ads advertising there may be many products with low search volume keywords. It means that the keywords are being searched little and therefore Google does not allow them into the advertising. That is why it is not possible to advertise such products in a common way. Or maybe it

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How to create a decent text ads for Google Search

How would you proceed if you were interested in the engagement with new potential clients? In life, the first impression is the most important, and in the world of text ads it goes likewise. You are attempting to make an excellent first impression, to attract customer´s attention. The first displays of your webpage are always

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Google expands text ads with longer headlines and descriptions

Extra characters for text ads? Yes! What would you say to one more headline…? Plus one more description! The Google Ads expands the number of characters for responsive text ads in Search Network. During this autumn, the new format of text ads will be maintained and standard text ads will become longer. What is the

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How to create non-brand product campaigns

In some cases you need to create product campaign with keywords that do not consists of manufacturer. You have to be very careful with creation of non-brand product campaigns, but you can gain interesting traffic to your eshop. There are two options for non-brand product campaigns: 1. Product non-brand campaign Create this product campaign in

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How to calculate ROAS

ROAS targeting can be very important for PPC campaigns in Google AdWords. It is the metric, that says you, if you are in profit or in lost. The goal of this bidding strategy is to maximize revenue from Ads, but to preserve intended cost-benefit ratio. In product ads every conversion can have different conversion

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