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20 reasons to congratulate Google on its 20th birthday

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We will not be exaggerating, when telling that Google, during its 20 years of existence, has really changed the world. And in regard of this anniversary, the time to reflect on how it had contributed to our daily lives has come. You do not even have to google it to conclude that it has really contributed enormously. And maybe you do not even realize it. Therefore, we decided to put together twenty reasons, why you should congratulate Google on its 20th birthday.


Wondering how to fill your free time?

Search for the times of movie screening in the cinema located right behind the corner. Enter a topic you want to learn about and read. You are no longer limited by opening hours in the library. If you want something to pay attention to the time during your activities, set a timer – enter „set a timer for [duration]“. If bored, play games. Enter „do a barrel roll“, or „zerg rush“.


Great partner for holidays

Google immediately finds flight tickets, accommodation, converts currencies and will be your personal translator. Thanks to Maps with possibility of navigation you will no longer get lost and thanks to „weather [location]“ you find out if it is a good idea to bring an umbrella. If there is no time for holidays, travel in time entering „Google in [1998]“.


Office everywhere

Thanks to search almost all contacts and addresses are at your disposal. When trading, you can calculate regular arithmetical problems or convert currencies. Connect with your coworkers wherever you go. Work with shared Google Docs, manage your e-mails in Google Mail, or arrange a meeting thanks to Google Hangouts. And to not forget the duties, use Google Calendar. If your colleagues like to use complex words, Google will explain them to you.

Among all these features, Google will also help you to raise awareness of your brand or business. Thanks to AdWords tools is advertising just a question of couple of minutes and right settings. You can read more about these in our blogs.

Speaking of advertising, it is important to note that Google is not the only one Birthday “boy” in these days. BlueWinston tool, being an inseparable part for Google advertising for our more than 450 clients all around the world, is 3!

BlueWinston has made the Google marketing even easier for hundreds of e-shops and PPC agencies. And this number is still increasing. Thanks to this tool for automatized product marketing in Google Search, our clients can create ads for any of their e-shop product. It helps them to acquire high number of potential customers out of defined target group, with the vision of higher conversion rate and Google advertising profits.

And this is just a selection of many features in these tools that we should be thankful for, as well as the people behind them.

So happy birthday, Google and BlueWinston!


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