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Why you should create Smart Shopping campaigns via

Smart shopping campaigns for products in the e-shop This is the type of ad you can create in Google Ads, linked to your Google Merchant account. A common practice is to upload your product information (feed) in your Google Merchant account. The Google Merchant account must be linked to your

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Smart Bidding Strategies by Google Ads

Today, automation is an essential and inevitable part of our daily business. Google is constantly improving its services by automating the processes so you can advertise your products more efficiently. For example, Smart Campaigns or Smart Bidding in Google Ads. In previous blogs, we have observed the first area. Now

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Automate your advertising with Smart Shopping campaigns

Google Ads in Shopping is a great way to bring your products as close to potential customers as possible. Because of their broader presence and powerful reports, they represent a huge potential for your business that would be a shame not to take advantage of. There are two types of

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Quick guide to Google Analytics #5 – Do you earn money from the visits?

Visitors of your e-shop are not the main benchmark of your business success. Your web can be visited by thousands of people daily, but if they do not buy anything, you will not benefit. Learn how to measure the effectivity of these visits! In our last blog from the quick

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Quick guide to Google Analytics #4 – Get to know the behavior of your visitors

New visit on your page does not have to mean immediate success. You can have many visits, but if your visitors are not purchasing, they do not bring any added value to your business. Before moving to purchases themselves, read more about what influences the behavior of the visitors on

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Quick guide to Google Analytics #3 – How do you acquire new customers?

Promotion is inherently interconnected with running an online business. But do you know, whether it helps you to acquire new customers? If you run an e-shop and don´t know the answer to this question, you should immediately change it. You can significantly affect your business and save money. In our

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Quick guide to Google Analytics #2 – Get to know your audience

Do you know your audience? Who are the visitors of your webpage and your potential clients? Where do they come from? Do they have anything in common? In case you are running an online business, you definitely should know answers to these questions. If you know your customers and their

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Quick guide to Google Analytics #1 – Let´s start + Real-time report

To create good ads and content, you have to know your audience and environment where you publish them. To understand their behavior, you need to measure them somehow and then analyze the results. Otherwise you may end up creating many ads and content, but the investment will hardly (if ever)

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Search and personalization – how are your products displayed by Google?

Google Search could be, until recently, seen as a misunderstood magic – two users in the same country, the same query, but different result. The company was testing personalization, but now it belongs to the past. Personalized search Personalized search means that the algorithms of the provider of the concrete

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Why DSA still learning without impressions?

In some cases, you see that DSA campaign is learning and maybe you have question: How can the Bluewinston DSA campaigns start generating traffic right away instead of wasting time on ‘learning’? Here is a lot of staff about DSAs: In many cases time of “learning” in DSA campaigns

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Key performance indicators (KPI) you should track

Key performance indicators (KPI) are being used almost everywhere, either knowingly or not. These are specific measurable indicators, based on which a goal can be set and tracked. Knowing what you want to achieve and by what measurable means (partial goals) you can get there, can be a half of

Product advertisement – bring your products closer to the audience!

Every seller wants to highlight their product in the competition, emphasize its benefits and show it to as many people as possible – convincing them to buy that product. Product advertisement is placing your product or service to different dedicated and paid spots, with the aim to inform people and

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Responsive ads: Let Google program the best combination!

Responsive search ads are new and quite interesting format of Google Ads. They consist in adjustment of the ad, based on the previous activity of potential customers. The system tests dynamically various combinations of titles and descriptions, while observing which combinations performs best for different search requests. Saved time, higher

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Study says: Combine Shopping ads & Product Text ads

Should I advertise products via Text Ads, when I already use Shopping Ads? If you are an e-shop seller, who advertises, and you come from a country where Shopping Ads are allowed, you are, of course, the luckier “half”. Shopping Ads are huge potential to engage with new customers via

Keywords Insertion: Use keywords in your ads correctly

Keywords insertion is very discussed topic these days. In our previous blogs, we introduced you text ads via Google, their options, or bidding. In almost every article we emphasized the need for appropriate keywords, which will make your ad a relevant message for the potential customers. Keywords are words, or

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