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PPC campaign – big investments and no results? Optimize!

Have you been running your PPC campaign for a while now, but you cannot see any results? Have you spent much time optimizing it, but it still does not generate leads? In such case, you should pay attention! We are speaking of lead or contact generation to engage with the potential clients who become interested

CoS (Cost of Sales) – Is your ad paying off?

Behind each ad there is a businessman who wants to sell his product as profitable as possible. The profit does not, however, include only the product sales alone, but also the related expenses. One of the expenses is also advertisement that needs to be maintained. If you do not have an overview of how much

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Notifications in Blue Winston

We are having some good news for you! Maybe you have already noticed a bell icon in your BlueWinston account – these are notifications that will keep you updated about your campaigns. Notifications appear in case there a mistake or incorrect setting in any of your campaigns. After clicking the bell, you will see a

Google expands text ads with longer headlines and descriptions

Extra characters for text ads? Yes! What would you say to one more headline…? Plus one more description! The Google Ads expands the number of characters for responsive text ads in Search Network. During this autumn, the new format of text ads will be maintained and standard text ads will become longer. What is the

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Target ROAS and Automation in Google AdWords

In this article, we will talk about PPC campaign automation in AdWords and show you some examples of using Target ROAS for product campaigns in BlueWinston. This year, Google is paying particular attention to automation and bidding strategy type Target ROAS, where it takes into account a number of data sources. With the automation

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How to lead users from Google text Ad to Conversion on e-shop

Not all e-shops advertise via Google Search as efficiently as they could. In this article, you will learn how to solve this problem and what improvements you may expect. Google introduced a very efficient way to advertise in their search engine - whether for small or large businesses. It is PPC advertising (Pay Per

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Automatic splitting campaigns

We are very happy, that we have just released new update of BlueWinston with brand new feature - Automatic splitting campaigns. When you have more than 10 000 products in one campaigns, BlueWinston automatically splits campaigns into subcampaigns. In this case you will see small "+" mark in front of campaign type name. When you

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Searchterm based product campaigns – best results ever!

Luigi´s Human Search based campaigns As you know, product campaigns have very good results due to perfect keywords, landing pages and relevant traffic. And from our experience, the best results have product campaigns based on searchterms with conversions on eshop. We named them Luigi´s campaigns. The base data for these Luigi´s campaigns are searchterms that have

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Invoice email in account settings

When you would like to send invoice from BlueWinston account, till now invoices were sent to registration email. The registration email can belong to eshop, to agency or to PPC freelancer. In all three cases the invoice is the same but came to different email address. We have added new feature, so from now you

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How are Bad Words solved in BlueWinston – manual request

 During campaign creation process there are created keywords from product names. And there are words, that Adwords understand as bad words. After first update of BlueWinston campaigns to Adwords, AdWords will send back information about bad words - most of them will appear in part AdWords - Bad Words. There are 3 types of Bad

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Keyword research in 2017

Keyword research is one of the most important things to do, when you are going to launch Google AdWords campaign, or if you want to be visited via organic search. You need to be focused on keywords which are the most appropriate for your business and also you need to think of the competitiveness. When

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