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Hot news – Extend Shopping Ads to Gmail

One of the most popular email platforms in the world offers additional opportunities for e-commerce merchants to realize its potential. In the EU, starting March 4, Gmail will start to display shopping campaigns. They will be recorded under the Google Display Network. In addition to YouTube, Discover, and Search, your ads

Emojis in your URL – BW Update 1.43.0

We bring you another update of BlueWinston. We added several new functions.  1. Emoji for ads We added a new function of emojis. Now you can use them in your URL to make your page look better. You can't use emojis in the headline or description. You can't copy emoji

You can also use Emojis in your ad’s display URL

The advertising world is undoubtedly dynamic and constantly changing when it comes to ways of engagement with users. And Google, as a platform for your advertising, is no exception. You can now include emojis in your display URL. Wondering how to do it? Read on. We are always thinking about

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Google quietly introduced new image extensions

Do you find text ads unattractive because they lack product visuals? Shopping ads aren't for you for they are missing the space to closely introduce the product? Google has prepared a solution - new image extensions to boost your text ad. Extensions for Google ads are a great way to

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You can now provide searchers with instructions or FAQ

There has been much talk about this new extension, but it wasn't until 2019 that Google began enabling it for search results. We are talking about FAQ and how-to-dos extensions. Why should you care about it? This is not an ad extension as such, but rather structured data, an enrichment

Google CEO Sundar Pichai became CEO of Alphabet

Founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, decided to withdraw from their positions at the world's fifth largest technology company Alphabet Inc. The new CEO will be the current CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai. Sundar Pichai became Google CEO approximately 4 years ago, after the creation of Alphabet. Alphabet

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All about ad suggestions in Google Ads

Are you worried about creating appropriate and engaging copy for your ads? Would you rather invest your time in strategy planning? Try ad suggestions from Google Ads. The following paragraphs will show you what you can expect from them. Multiple ads for your products mean a better chance of reaching

Google introduces two new ways to reach your ideal audience

To fall updates that touched three Google Ads areas, another were added last week – focused on targeting in Google Ads. Google has introduced two new ways to bring your ad closer to an ideal audience even easier. You'll be able to target affinity audiences as well as seasonal in-market

Get even more detailed conversion reporting with new columns

Since the launch of Google Ads, you have been able to track conversions based on when your ad was clicked. While this report provides necessary information for your business, it may be partially distorted. That's why Google has come up with new reporting columns to give you even more detailed

You can now use RSA globally with new tools – What is it?

Responsive Search Ads (RSA) that Google has beta-tested for almost a year, are finally available to all advertisers and all languages. Moreover, there are two new tools to make your work even more efficient. Through machine learning, RSA formulates relevant and effective messages for your potential customers. From up to

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Google introduces seasonal adjustments for Smart Bidding

It often happens that the sales of the products on your e-shop depend on a specific season. It can be, for example, the season, but also a short-term fluctuations in the form of sales or the launch of a new product. Of course, this seasonality also has an impact on

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The average position ended on September 30th

Recently, we announced that Google will remove the average position during the year and replace it with new metrics. It was removed from Google Ads by September 30th, 2019. The average position will be replaced by the two metrics we reported in our older blog. – Search top impression rate and Search

New audiences and privacy measures in Google Search advertising

Last year, Google introduced two features to create audiences for search advertising - in-market audiences and detailed demographics. This year it brings updates to protect privacy and personal data of users. Will this change affect you? Neither of the two customers who come to your e-shop are the same. But

How to get free €120 Google Ads credit, promo voucher code

What is Promo code / Google voucher Google Ads promo codes are promotional codes that give user free credit to redeem on Google Ads. What does that exactly mean? For example, you will gain 120€ in that case, if your account is not older than 90 days and you will

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