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Why DSA still learning without impressions?

In some cases, you see that DSA campaign is learning and maybe you have question: How can the Bluewinston DSA campaigns start generating traffic right away instead of wasting time on ‘learning’? Here is a lot of staff about DSAs: In many cases time of “learning” in DSA campaigns depends from: number of indexed

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Key performance indicators (KPI) you should track

Knowing what you want to achieve and by what measurable means (partial goals) you can get there, can be a half of success. In both personal and professional life. From those partial goals you can create a strategy, thanks to which this journey will be easier. In this article we introduce you several metrics that

Product advertisement – bring your products closer to the audience!

Every seller wants to highlight their product in the competition, emphasize its benefits and show it to as many people as possible – convincing them to buy that product. Product advertisement is placing your product or service to different dedicated and paid spots, with the aim to inform people and acquire their interest. Thanks to

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Responsive ads: Let Google program the best combination!

Responsive search ads are new and quite interesting format of Google Ads. They consist in adjustment of the ad, based on the previous activity of potential customers. The system tests dynamically various combinations of titles and descriptions, while observing which combinations performs best for different search requests. Saved time, higher flexibility, more of approached customers,

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Get the most from expanded text ads!

Twice as much space for your ad? Not a problem anymore! Google Ads have introduced new version of expanded text ads (ETA) that offers you more space to engage with your potential customers. ETA brings along several benefits that can, however, turn into stumbling blocks. That is why you do not only get to read

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Study says: Combine Shopping ads & Product Text ads

Should I advertise products via Text Ads, when I already use Shopping Ads? If you are an e-shop seller, who advertises, and you come from a country where Shopping Ads are allowed, you are, of course, the luckier “half”. Shopping Ads are huge potential to engage with new customers via product-image ads in Google Search.

Keywords Insertion: Use keywords in your ads correctly

In our previous blogs, we introduced you text ads via Google, their options, or bidding. In almost every article we emphasized the need for appropriate keywords, which will make your ad a relevant message for the potential customers. Keywords are words, or phrases, that should be used when creating your ad, so that people will

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6 skills every PPC specialist should have

Internet became the most significant channel to advertise and create advertising campaigns. Their admins, PPC specialists, are still more and more wanted by various firms. A degree in marketing is not enough. Before hiring someone, who will manage and optimize your ad campaigns, you should focus on the following skills and experience. Otherwise, you are

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How to use Google Text Ads in Display Network

Varieties of text ads, known from Google Search Network, can be used also in Display Network, hence in various webs and applications that are using Google Ads. Display Network is actually created by two million of webs and more than 650 000 of applications. All these are places where you can engage with your potential

20 reasons to congratulate Google on its 20th birthday

We will not be exaggerating, when telling that Google, during its 20 years of existence, has really changed the world. And in regard of this anniversary, the time to reflect on how it had contributed to our daily lives has come. You do not even have to google it to conclude that it has really

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Choose the right bidding strategy to complete your goals

A good text for your ad is only one part of success when attracting new potential customers. The other is the implementation of adequate strategy for bidding, so that you get the maximal results on the minimal ad price. If you do not pay enough attention to bidding, you may end up paying much more.

Crawl Budget: How much does Google care about your webpage?

The search engines are supposed to scan daily the highest possible number of sites, searching for the new content. During the crawling they are finding new URL addresses that need to be analyzed, indexed and included in search. For there are many of these addresses, the robots need to be limited so their excessive and

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Revolutionary innovation in the e-commerce: Smart Shopping Campaigns

The creation of shopping campaigns using Google has never been easier. Google has recently introduced a service, Smart Shopping Campaigns, that is freeing you from the responsibilities, such as priority settings, strategy of campaigns, bidding… Moreover, ads are no longer going to be displayed in Google Search Network only, but also in the Display Network,

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Shopping Ads: Best Practices

Are you a seller willing to effectively promote your products? If you are not creative type of person, you do not have to struggle with suitable text ad content or the usage of keywords anymore. Google Shopping Ads Campaigns will help you to create optimal ad which will, among other, result in richer clickthrough rates,

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Text ads in Google Search

Google text ads are a great tool to engage with new potential customers. If you, indeed, formulate them properly. After the creation, they will be displayed in the Google Search Network. Either above or below the results. How does the text ad actually look like? Google text ads are composed out of three main parts

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