boosted ROAS for by +901% boosted ROAS for by +901%

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Before, our product campaigns had 23.52% CoS, now it is 7.54% CoS (Cost of Sales). %ROAS jumped from 425.12% to 1326.60% (by 901.48%) thanks to Product ads automation PPC tool for Google Search called!

Cost of Sales reduced by 68%
ROAS jumped by 901%

About the client – - cameras, is a distributor of professional photo and video technology and a professional partner of CANON and NIKON in Slovakia. In addition to products, it also offers the cleaning of DSLRs, lens calibrations, free and paid photo workshops.

Problem solved thanks to product ads automation PPC tool

Effectix - online marketing ppc is the first client of – an online marketing agency we approached BlueWinston with, and we are glad to have done so. Product campaigns and keywords, in the way BlueWinston generates them, make no sense to be created manually. We have agreed with our client short before to reduce the number of advertised products and CoS as well. We needed a tool that will make the manual part for us and we will keep working with the creative and long-term strategy.

How BlueWinston helped

The assignment was to create unique campaigns for each product that meets certain conditions. To this, of course, also relevant keywords. Set up budgets, automatic rules for bidding, campaign pausing, keywords… This all took just aprox three hours. Several times per day the automat runs through our product feed and updates the product list, automatically creates related keywords and adjusts the prices. We have saved a lot of time that we can use to create other strategy and push the client forward.

Client’s statement / testimonial

We have been cooperating with Effectix for several years now and have been content with their results. If they say that BlueWinston is a tool that will help us, we totally believe them. We can see the improvement in our account. Besides, many people who have seen the PPC ad on the internet, comes to shop directly to us.

The results and numbers after 3 months

  • CoS reduced from 23.52% to 7.54% (by 67.94%)

  • ROAS jumped from 425.12% to 1326.60% (by 901.48%)

  • Spend reduced by 79.39%

  • Bounce rate from 68.48% to 65.67%

  • Average time of visit from 102 to 122 seconds (by 19.61%)

  • Number of ad groups raised from 414 to 2,961 (by 615.22%)

  • Number of keywords jumped from 1 215 to 28,507 (by 2,246.26%)

  • Number of ads jumped from 1 957 to 9,102 (by 365.10%)

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By |2019-08-06T10:49:08+00:00October 17th, 2018|Categories: Case studies|Tags: , , , , , , |0 Comments is an automated tool for creation of product text ads for Google Search. It is both an alternative and a must have addition to regular Google Shopping ads (Product Listing Ads, PLAs). Feed-driven product campaigns account for over 40% of the annual %CTR and displays in Google Search that lead to a successful transaction. Unique technology, innovative approach to keywords and ad creation for each product, group of products and their categories in the eshop, make this tool a number one in the global market. Today, BlueWinston is being used by hundreds of clients in over 50 countries (see testimonials from PPC specialists and merchants). Thanks to you do not only automate the creation of ads of your products, but you can also automate their optimization and management thanks to set of automated rules and bidding scripts applied in incredibly short time – every 6 hours!
  • boost sales up to +60%
  • increase ROAS up to +1500%
  • decrease CoS by -40%
  • create ads for all your products
  • automate creation & management

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