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Average position

The average position ended on September 30th

Recently, we announced that Google will remove the average position during the year and replace it with new metrics. It was removed from Google Ads by September 30th, 2019. The average position will be replaced by the two metrics we reported in our older blog. – Search top impression rate and Search

Google: End of average position – new metrics

By the end of February 2019 Google has announced that its average position ends. It will be replaced by new metrics introduced in November. In Google representative's words, the new metrics are the best for optimizing the position. New metrics are Search top impression rate and Search absolute top impression

Key performance indicators (KPI) you should track

Key performance indicators (KPI) are being used almost everywhere, either knowingly or not. These are specific measurable indicators, based on which a goal can be set and tracked. Knowing what you want to achieve and by what measurable means (partial goals) you can get there, can be a half of