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Dynamic Search Ads

11% conv. rate thanks to DSA for Products (AC Adapters)

In this post you will see how effective and profitable DSA campaigns for products created by can be! Client: (Eshop which sells ac adapters for notebooks, tablets, monitors and batteries for notebooks) Our client had problem with creating classic product keywords As you you can see. Product name are very specific and there

How to create Dynamic search ads for Products

Welcome to ultimate user guide on How To create unique Dynamic search ads for Products for Google search, which were developed by app. This guide will go through all major steps within DSA creation process. There may be more things to set up, but I am sure, that you already know them from creation

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Proudly present – unique Dynamic search ads for Products

Dynamic search ads are the best solution how to find customers searching for your products, services or product categories. They are built on Google index of your website itself so it's highly recommended to have your Onpage SEO at the highest possible level. As I said, DSA (dynamic search ads) are focusing on your website