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How to set up new Google Ads account: Ultimate Guide

1. How to create Google Ads account Google Ads is a system for online advertising of products and services on Google. Before you start, you need to have Gmail account. If you don't, just register here. 1. On the Google Ads page, click the blue "Start now" button. 2. Choose

How to create Smart Shopping campaigns: Ultimate Guide

Google Smart Shopping presents the highest level of automation and machine learning directly from Google. Their bulletproof advantage is the ability to immediately reach the potential e-shop customers on four Google networks. Product ads display in: Google Search, Google Display on various portal sites, Gmail, and YouTube. With Smart Shopping Ads, you can target new customers but also

How to set up billing options in Google Ads

The payment methods available for your account will depend on your country and currency. Without proper billing options, you can't use all the benefits that Google Ads offers. In this guide, we will show you how to set them up. 1. Log in to your Google Ads account. 2. Click the tool

Even more effective advertising with the new Gallery Ads format

Introduced on Google Marketing Live 2019 in May this year, Gallery Ads is a new, visually interesting advertising format for your products. The beta version is available to advertisers in 11 languages but soon will be available in many others. Why should you care about this format? Gallery Ads, inspired by

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Choose the right keyword strategy for a successful campaign

In our previous blog, we've introduced to you keyword matching options in Google Ads. This is the setting in which you define what search queries will make your ad run. Now, we will focus on the strategies you can use with this setting to get the most out of it. Correct

Even more remarketing strategies for Google Ads

There is no universally valid remarketing strategy. Its settings vary depending on what you specifically want to achieve. The strategies that others have used in the campaign may or may not succeed in yours. Therefore, we are adding a further 6 best practices to the list of best strategies we've

Three fall updates for Google Ads – What’s new?

The big fall updates in Google Ads touched up to three areas - call-only ads, reports, and recommendations. We have prepared a summary of these new features and their brief introduction, so you know what to expect... Call-only ads have gotten a new layout If you don't know them yet,

Suitable keyword match types for your campaign

Keywords are a way for you to bring your ad to relevant search queries in Google Search to reach customers who are looking for services or products you offer. By setting them up correctly, you reduce the risk of wasting your budget, as well as unnecessary displays for users who

The best remarketing strategies for Google Ads

Have potential customers already visited your e-shop, but didn't convert/purchase? Bring them back to your site and assure them that you are the right choice. Help yourself with remarketing campaigns and some of the best practices you can use to set them up. Today, more than half of the conversions

Three new Google Ads formats and other improvements

Google is sure to bring your products as close to the potential customers as possible, while also making it easier for you to create ads for them. That is why Google has decided to launch new Google Ads formats and several enhancements for the classic ones. The three new ad

New smart bidding controls to make your campaigns more flexible

Google's Smart Bidding has quickly become a popular bidding tool. A set of rules that, thanks to automatic learning, can create a tailored strategy, has saved hours of work for many users. However, according to Google, there is still room to optimize and improve the performance of this tool. Many

Google launched Policy manager for Ads

After slow removal of average position as one of the essential metrics, Google rolled out another new feature, it's called Policy manager and it will be available already this month. Policy manager is responsible for alerting advertisers in case they are violating any of the advertising policies in Google Ads.

Google Ads: Plan your budget directly in your account!

Budget is a fundamental variable to your advertising and campaigns, which depend on it. When managing them, it may be difficult to estimate the course of your ad´s performance, depending on your budget and various settings. Therefore, Google Ads roll out new tool that will help you with planning and

Google Call-Only Ads are also getting updates

Previously, we informed you about Google updates that have brought extended space for Responsive Ads and Dynamic Search Ads. These ads have gotten new features and also space for more characters. Following these changes, Google brings updates also to Call-Only Ads. Call-Only Ads were created by Google to encourage your

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