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What to check and how to optimize product text ads – best practices

What to check in BlueWinston   1. Whether you have created all three main types of campaigns allows you to create three types of product-focused campaigns thanks to which you will ensure and cover the advertising for almost every demand in Google Search. So you can create Product campaigns, Product – Group campaigns and also

Automated scripts in BlueWinston

For better optimization of product campaigns, we recommend you to use automated scripts. It is a set of rules that increases efficiency of the campaigns. For instance, by excluding keywords that are causing high expenses. You can find all these scripts at the end of every campaign setting in BlueWinston. For the use of scripts

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Headline 3 and Description 2 in Product Ads by BlueWinston

As you have surely noticed, Google Ads has recently launched a possibility of Title 3 and Description 2 for the ads in Google Search. We have worked hard and launched these features in BlueWinston as well! We are speaking of dynamic expanded text ads. You do not have to create other types of ads anymore.

Engage with people through special characters in your DSA ads

As you surely know, DSA campaigns have both, their advantages and disadvantages, but also their specifics. The advantages of DSA show up mainly when you are having quality content on your subpage, based on which Google can decide when to display your ad – that is when Google displays DSA on the most relevant phrases.