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Google Merchant: How to apply your product data feed

To upload your products to Google Merchant Center, you must first create a feed to upload your data. This step is required for each new feed. Once you have created it, you do not need to register it again, just update it.  Primary feeds Your primary feed is a data

Google Merchant: Supported file formats

Product feeds you want to upload to your Merchant Center must be supported. In this article, we will show you which of them are supported and what are they. Text (spreadsheet) This format is relatively simple. The headers include attribute names separated by tabs. The next line contains the corresponding

Google Merchant: Build your product data

Once you're done creating and setting up your Merchant account, it's time to create and upload your product data.  Primary and supplemental feeds Before you start reading this, you should visit our previous blog. A feed is a file that contains all the information about the products you sell. Attributes that allow

Google Merchant: All about product feeds

A feed is a set of products that use different attributes to define each product. At Merchant Center, all your products will be added to your primary or supplemental feed. Once created, it can be added to any program of your choice.  Creating new feeds You must have a Google

Google Merchant: Common feed errors

There may be many errors during uploading or creating your feed. You need to keep an eye on them all the time so everything will work properly. We will try to sum up some of them so you could fix them.  Usually, there are four issues that cause trouble. It

Automate your product campaigns on Google Ads

Still more and more retailers are switching to ecommerce and use online advertising for their products. The most widely used platform for such advertising is Google - the first place most customers go when they are looking for a product. Let’s have a look on how you can advertise on

What is Google Ad Rank and how to improve it with just a few clicks

When displaying your ad on Search, your bid amount is not the only factor when considering its position. Important is also the Ad Rank, a value based on several factors. In this blog, we’ll take a look at what this ranking entails and show you a few ways to easily

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You can now provide searchers with instructions or FAQ

There has been much talk about this new extension, but it wasn't until 2019 that Google began enabling it for search results. We are talking about FAQ and how-to-dos extensions. Why should you care about it? This is not an ad extension as such, but rather structured data, an enrichment

Optimize your images for better ad performance

Images are an important part of the ads, a key factor when a customer decides whether or not to buy your product. Bad and poor-quality images can discourage him or her, which will be reflected in the marketability of the product and related conversion rate. We have listed some recommendations

Audience exclusions that you should try

In addition to targeting your ad to specific audiences, you can also exclude those that are not relevant to your business. Doing this, your ad will only appear to people who are likely to click on your ad and complete a conversion. Audiences are a way to create segments you

Get even more information about bidding thanks to top signals

Smart bidding is a great way to automate some of your processes to make advertising more efficient. Because the entire burden of setting optimum bids carries machine learning, the problem may be lack of information about what actually affects your ad performance. That is changing now. Google has decided to

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How to set up Google Shopping ads?

Google Shopping is a popular tool for making your online business more visible. They allow you to advertise products right where users search for them - on Google Search. In this blog, we've prepared a brief introduction to how Google Shopping works and how to set up ads on Google

Save time in Google Ads with these effective practices

None of us want to spend all day setting up and optimizing ads. But finding the right settings for the best performance of your ad can be difficult sometimes... Whether you're just starting with Google Ads or already have some experience, we've prepared tips and tricks to spend less time

All about ad suggestions in Google Ads

Are you worried about creating appropriate and engaging copy for your ads? Would you rather invest your time in strategy planning? Try ad suggestions from Google Ads. The following paragraphs will show you what you can expect from them. Multiple ads for your products mean a better chance of reaching

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